How to Keep an Afro Perfect During the Day?

Answer An Afro hairstyle consists of tightly curled strands that extend from the scalp, so the hair forms a rounded shape. The hairstyle requires careful maintenance during the day, so the hair remains sm... Read More »

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How to Keep an Afro Moist?

Tightly coiled and textured afro hair requires a lot of attention and care to stay moist and healthy. The natural oils produced by the scalp have a hard time traveling from the hair follicle throug... Read More »

How to Keep an Afro Moisturized?

Black hair is naturally kinky and dry and more fragile than most other types of hair. However, there are certain hairstyles that black hair is perfect for that are impossible for other hair types. ... Read More »

How to Keep an Afro From Drying Out?

Natural, curly Afro hairstyles look effortless and evoke a carefree spirit. Though Afros obviously require less trouble and maintenance than chemically relaxed hair, African hair types tend to dry ... Read More »

How to Keep Afro Hair Soft?

Afro hair that feels hard and brittle is usually dry. For the softest Afro, make sure your hair is moisturized. Gentle treatment and proper moisture levels are required to keep the hair of African ... Read More »