How to Keep a Window From Leaking Cold?

Answer Going into winter with drafty leaks around your windows can hit your pocketbook hard. The use of some good caulk and weatherstripping can stop those drafty leaks where they start and make your home... Read More »

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How to Keep Cloth Diapers From Leaking?

Cloth diapers are a good choice for those who want to save money or the environment. According to the University of Minnesota, disposable diapers produce 70 percent more waste than cloth diapers. F... Read More »

How do i stop dye leaking from my fabric ive washed it about 10 times so far and it is still leaking colour?

I'd return it. See:…Chances are the dye was not fixed properly in manufacturing, and you can't do it at home.BTW, most quilters prefer 100% cotton fabric... Read More »

How can I keep garage from getting so cold in the winter?

You can go to your local door dealer and pick up residential weatherstrip that you nail on to the jamb of the door that will seal it up around the edges and the top of the door. You also can get ne... Read More »

How Does Skin Keep a Lizard From Getting Too Cold or Hot?

Reptiles are cold-blooded, or exothermic, which means they rely on sources in their environment to maintain a body temperature. They rely on outside temperatures to make sure they can digest food p... Read More »