How to Keep a Shower Liner From Floating?

Answer Taking a shower and having the shower curtain liner float up and stick to your body can be annoying. It can even cost you precious time while in a hurry. With a few modifications to you shower cur... Read More »

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How do I clean mildew from a shower curtain liner?

Spot CleanApply full strength distilled white vinegar to visible mildew spots using a clean sponge. recommends rinsing the curtain with clean water following this step.WashSet your ... Read More »

How to Keep a Ladder in the Pool From Not Floating Up?

Pool ladders are often installed on swimming pools to provide swimmers an easy way in and out of the pool. Most pool ladders are quite lightweight and, when set in the water, tend to float. Lightwe... Read More »

Is there any kind of liner available for boot casts to keep from getting contact rubbing?

If it's the stocking that is rubbing then, there isn't much you can do besides not walking so much. But, is it's the "boot" then you can stick a small piece of gauze by the irritated area. This les... Read More »

Is a shower pan liner necessary?

A shower pan liner is necessary for shower floors; the term "shower pan" refers to the shower floor. Over time, any shower pan can develop small cracks at the edges of the shower pan or within til... Read More »