How to Keep a Restroom Clean at Work?

Answer A dirty bathroom at work can reflect negatively on your business if clients (or potential clients) go into the bathroom and see a mess. It could cause them to think that the business is poorly run.... Read More »

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Are there any laws in Calif. restricting restroom use i.e. if restroom is designated "women" can men use it?

NO...Definitely...beyond a shadow of doubt...NOThis happened when I was working at Lockheed. There was only one restroom for the women...and one for the men.An OSHA representative spotted a man ... Read More »

Where can I find a clean, public restroom in Gettysburg, PA?

??? They're all over the place. The Visitors' Center is good, if you're near there.

Does my clean pc really work I seen it on t.v commercial does it really clean or does it make it worse ?

Actually they normally help in one aspect and hinder you in others. A Microsoft patch was implemented recently that caused Blue Screens of Death for a DOS fix. The fault was found to be programs li... Read More »

Something in the public restroom?