How to Keep a Mileage Log?

Answer Mileage logs are kept by business professionals and athletes to track traveled distances. An accurate mileage log gives a day-to-day record of distances traveled. Commercial truck drivers and drive... Read More »

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How can I keep my motorcycle "alive" when I have to keep it sitting somewhere for a while?

You don't need fuel stabiliser or a battery charger. Just cover the bike up and it will be fine next time you start it up. A month is nothing. Don't even bother starting it up.

I keep putting sunscreen in my eyes to protect them, but why do they keep turning red?

Because your not supposed to put sunscreen IN your eyes. You should buy some sunglasses. It will protect your eyes better and it will be less painful.

You can only keep 3 of your Makeup products. Which ones will you keep?

Powder, Liner, and Mascara lol I think these are by far the MUST HAVE.... God forbid this happen to me lol

Can i keep my laptop on for the whole daywon't it be damaged eventually if i keep it on for many hours daily?

Computers can be left on for long peroids of time with no problem as long as the vents and fan are not blocked. prolonged usage such as leaving it on all the time will shorten the life or your mach... Read More »