How to Keep a Jasmine Plant Indoors in Winter?

Answer When the temperatures begin to dip towards freezing, it's time to bring most varieties of jasmine indoors. Jasmines are tropical plants native to warmer climates such as tropical Asia and parts of ... Read More »

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How do i grow jasmine indoors?

PlantingFill a container about 1/3 full with good quality commercial potting soil. Set the jasmine plant in the container. Plant the jasmine at the same soil level it was planted in the nursery con... Read More »

How to Enjoy Fun Indoors This Winter?

Do you live in an area where it gets bitterly cold, where you just want to stay indoors and cozy up in the winter? This winter, why not find a fun and unique way to enjoy time spent with friends an... Read More »

Is a jasmine plant considered an ivy plant?

Although jasmine and ivy both tend to climb rapidly up surfaces, they are not the same type of plant. Jasmine actually belongs to the Oleceae, or olive, family. Ivy plants have only green leaves, ... Read More »

Can you grow coleus in the winter indoors?

yes! This is one of the favorites of granny. Just take a cutting (the top 1/2 of a stem) and place it in clean, cool water in the kitchen window. Takes about 2 weeks to grow roots. It will grow hap... Read More »