How to Keep a Couch's Spadefoot Toad As a Pet?

Answer Couch's spadefoot toads are native to the southwest United States, the Baja Peninsula and Mexico. Spadefoot toads are green or yellow/green in color, have large eyes and hind feet that have spade-l... Read More »

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How to Raise a Toad?

Toads are fun animals to keep as pets, but require a lot of work.

How to Catch a Toad?

It is not easy to catch a toad. They are fast and can elude you when you get close to them. Try going at night in a damp spot. Make sure once you catch one you return it to the spot you found it. I... Read More »

How to Feed a Toad?

A toad is a fun and interesting pet especially for children interested in amphibians here is how to feed one.

Can a toad come up your sink?

It is possible under certain circumstances, although highly unlikely.