How to Keep a Clean & Clear Face?

Answer Having clean and clear skin on your face is something that everyone strives for. With all of the creams and potions on the market, maintaining clear skin may seem hard to do. Unless you suffer from... Read More »

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How to Clear Acne Macules Spots With Clean & Clear?

Acne macules are the reddish spots of discoloration that are sometimes left behind after a pimple clears. Most clear up on their own over time, but many can be permanent especially if they go untre... Read More »

How can I clear my face up?

Okay, I am 14 and I used to have super bad acne. I know how horrible it is. I tried everything, didn't work. It has a LOOOT to do with eating. You might not have all the vitamins you need, and anyt... Read More »

How to Clear Your Face?

Clearing your face of things is easy and takes little things on your end to make your skin clear and healthy. Healthy skin makes one attractive and beautiful and it also helps people not see illnes... Read More »

How to Keep My Face Clear & Glowing?

Getting older does not mean you are sentenced to aging skin. To the contrary, a healthy and glowing complexion depends more on your lifestyle than on your age. There are many women who look younger... Read More »