How to Keep a Clean & Clear Face?

Answer Having clean and clear skin on your face is something that everyone strives for. With all of the creams and potions on the market, maintaining clear skin may seem hard to do. Unless you suffer from... Read More »

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How to Keep My Face Clear & Glowing?

Getting older does not mean you are sentenced to aging skin. To the contrary, a healthy and glowing complexion depends more on your lifestyle than on your age. There are many women who look younger... Read More »

Is there a good method to keep your face clear?

Stop buying all kinds of stuff to rid yourself of them ! This is half the problem. Start using bar soap like ivory for a while to dry up all the acne. After that wash it twice a day gently with a ... Read More »

How do I keep pool water clean and clear?

ProtectKeep your pool covered when it is not in use. Your local pool supply store should carry a variety of retractable, hard and soft pool covers. Covers prevent leaves and debris from collecting ... Read More »

How do yoou keep your face clean?

I use Clearasil Face Scrub and a Clearasil cream thet dires he affected area. Within three days, I got results! It will vary depending on your condition. This works for me. The next morning I just ... Read More »