How to Keep a Car Cooler?

Answer Although summer is known as the driving season, you car can act as an oven during periods of heat. Because of this it is absolutely necessary to keep your car cool during extreme temperatures. By d... Read More »

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How to Keep a CPU Cooler?

The CPU, essentially the heart of a computer, is responsible for the performance of programs and the operating system as a whole. Included with every CPU is a CPU fan that keeps the CPU cool while ... Read More »

How to Keep Ice Cold Without a Cooler?

Finding yourself outdoors without an ice chest requires some ingenuity to keep ice cold. Take stock of the items you have available, and put them to good use. Insulation, reflection and the right l... Read More »

How to Keep a Travel Trailer Cooler?

When it comes to camping, a travel trailer can be a lot of fun. It hooks right up to a car, truck or SUV, gets pulled to the campsite and the moment it is unloaded, voila, instant camping shelter. ... Read More »

Which curtains keep the room cooler?

there are thermal drapes and curtains...The curtains has a layer of thermal rubber behind them to trap the heat out,and most of the light.They are fairley inexpensive....I think these would work we... Read More »