How to Keep a Beard Soft?

Answer A beard is a striking style of facial hair that can accent your bone structures and eyes. Celebrities such as Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood often wear beards. Asid... Read More »

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How to Keep a Beard Straight?

Straightening out a beard can be tough work. You want to achieve a sleek, straight sophisticated look, but no matter what you do or how you trim your beard, it always ends up in curlicues. You wan... Read More »

How to Keep Your Beard From Getting Gray?

Beards that go gray are just a natural part of life for many men. Genetics plays a large role in determining if and how soon you will go gray, but you can delay the onset of a gray beard and limit ... Read More »

How to Keep a Man's Beard & Wigs on Without Coming Off?

Hairpieces like wigs, toupees, moustaches and beards are essential for costumes, theatrical productions and men who want to change their image. Modern hairpieces are made by tying individual hairs ... Read More »

How to Keep Hair Soft?

People spend hundreds of dollars each year trying to get soft and shiny hair. On TV there are endless commercials of products that promise to give you hair so soft that it just begs to be touched. ... Read More »