How to Keep Your Weight on the Balls of Your Feet During Swing?

Answer Professional golfers and teachers seem to have different philosophies on where weight should be placed during the swing. Ben Hogan thought the weight should shift from the right heel to the left to... Read More »

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Is swollen pain in the balls of your feet and palms of your hands normal at 5 months?

Answer It could be normal due to water retention. But you should discuss this with your doctor and possibly make an appointment.

How to Wrap the Balls of Your Feet With Athletic Tape?

The balls of the feet are the padded areas between the base of the toes and the beginning of the arch. These small cushions absorb the full weight of the body each time you take a step. It's no sur... Read More »

How to Keep the Check Balls in Place in Your Transmission?

Check balls inside the valve body of your automatic transmission help control oil flow to activate the different pistons, servos, bands and clutches at different speeds. If you have to remove the v... Read More »

How to Make Your Real Golf Swing Like Your Practice Golf Swing?

So many golfers ask themselves, "Why is my practice swing better than my real swing?" It's all about relaxation.