How to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer?

Answer Summer heat can rack up a huge energy bill if you run your air conditioner all day. Air conditioning can also lead to global warming through the creation of greenhouse gases which, ironically, lead... Read More »

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How can you keep the house cool during the hot summer months cheaply?

Shade trees are a long term way, but it takes patience. Consider something fast growing and plant to shade windows/doors openings. Open windows during the night when the air is cooler - shutting t... Read More »

How to Keep Your Car Cool in Summer?

With temperatures soaring over the 100s in some parts of the country already this summer, it’s hard to keep your car cool inside and out.

How to Cool Your Cat Down in the Summer?

A cat that becomes overheated in summer can suffer from dehydration, shallow breathing, and can even get heatstroke. Keeping your cat cool is an important part of ensuring that he/she enjoys a safe... Read More »

How to Keep a Car Cool in the Summer?

Summer heat that gets trapped inside of your car can make getting into your car to take a quick trip to the grocery store unbearable. If your seats are too hot to sit on or your steering wheel is t... Read More »