How to Keep Wigs From Slipping?

Answer Whether you have a lot of hair, a little hair or no hair beneath a wig, it can be challenging to keep a wig from slipping while you are wearing it. A wig cap can help immeasurably to keep a wig in ... Read More »

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How to Make Worn Out Wigs Into New Wigs?

Wigs can give you a completely different look for a special occasion, or be worn every day. Unfortunately, wigs, unlike human hair, all eventually start looking old. Buying new wigs every time your... Read More »

How to Keep Headbands from Slipping?

Headbands make an attractive and fashionable statement, and are popular among children and women. Depending on the density of your hair and shape of your head, headbands can be difficult to keep on... Read More »

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