How to Keep Water Out of the Paint Gun When Auto Painting?

Answer Air is heated when compressed. Because of this heating, water present in the air condenses as the compressed air cools. This can be a problem when using a paint gun. As the water accumulates, it go... Read More »

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How do I remove water spots from auto paint?

Wash and Dry the VehicleWash the vehicle to remove loose contaminants and mineral deposits not yet bonded to the paint. Thoroughly dry the car to prevent new water spots from developing.Rub Down th... Read More »

How to Remove Water Spots From Auto Paint?

A car's paint job receives a glutton of punishment from the sun's rays, chips from gravel and even water. Metals and minerals found in water supplies leave behind a residue when left to dry on a ca... Read More »

How to Remove Hard Water Stains on Auto Paint?

Hard water stains are a common problem when it comes to the exterior of your car. These spots develop when your car comes into contact with water that has a high mineral content, such as heavy rain... Read More »

How to Remove Water Spots From an Auto Paint Surface?

When taken care of properly, the painted surface of an automobile emits a crisp, clean shine that many automobile owners take pride in. When outdoor elements like water spots dull the appearance of... Read More »