How to Keep Up with Homework Assignments?

Answer "For real?!?!? It's due tomorrow?" Are you this kind of student? The kind that procrastinates or "forgets" their assignments. Well now is the time where you will stop! Procrastinating and "forgetti... Read More »

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How to Miss Homework Assignments and Be Excused for One More Day?

Sometimes we miss homework assignments and we get zeros because of forgetting to do them. Here are easy steps to follow that will help you be excused and not have that zero in your report card. Now... Read More »

Is there any C programmer that can help me with my assignments pls pls..?

Look up each of the following, as they can be useful in this program:scanffprintfargvargcOther ways to write the same program, the following can be useful:atoigetline

How to Understand Writing Assignments?

Good writing doesn't happen without multiple rewritesYou are going to school and have some writing to do...or you are going to be doing some technical/business writing and aren't quite sure how to ... Read More »

Ideas for PowerPoint Assignments?

PowerPoint is a commonly used office program that creates slide-shows for different purposes. It is commonly taught in schools for many different assignments. Teaching students about PowerPoint pre... Read More »