How to Keep Tree Swallows Out of Bluebird Houses?

Answer Tree swallows and bluebirds nest in similar nesting boxes or bird houses. Bird watchers attempting to nest bluebirds often end up with tree swallows instead. Blue is the predominant color of both s... Read More »

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The Best Bird Houses for Tree Swallows?

Tree swallows average about 6 inches in length with a metallic blue back and head over a white underbody. Tree swallows migrate from the southern part of the United States to Canada and the norther... Read More »

Varieties of Bluebird Houses?

Modernization has led to a decline in natural nesting cavities for bluebirds. Starlings and sparrows are also cavity-nesting birds that are aggressive and compete with bluebirds for nesting places.... Read More »

How to Paint Bluebird Houses?

Watching bluebirds raise their young can be fun for both children and adults, especially when the birds begin to learn to fly and leave the nest. If you enjoy watching bluebirds and wish to have th... Read More »

Why do bluebird houses have angled nails?

Bluebird houses need to be secure against weather and predators. Bluebirds are attracted to open exposed spaces to build nests for hatching and raising their young. Such sites also attract predato... Read More »