How to Keep Track of Deductible Job Expenses?

Answer Proper use of tax deductions can substantially lower your yearly tax bill. Job expense deductions are available to employees and self-employed persons, but if you do not keep track of your expenses... Read More »

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How to Make a Spreadsheet to Keep Track of Expenses?

A spreadsheet is an efficient way to keep track of monthly expenses, because it allows you to format it so that sums are totaled automatically after you input expenses data, displaying immediately ... Read More »

How do I make a spreadsheet to keep track of expenses?

Create a New SpreadsheetCreate a new spreadsheet in your preferred program, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. Title the columns "Date," "Description" and "Amount." Add a "Category" column if ... Read More »

Are IRS audit expenses deductible as miscellaneous expenses?

Any legal fees for tax advice, any tax advice fees and any tax preparation fees are miscellenous deductions. These fees are subject to a 2 percent of adjusted gross income limit. Taxpayers can dedu... Read More »

Are campaign expenses tax deductible?

Campaign expenses are not an allowable deduction when a taxpayer itemizes their deductions. Campaign expenses also include qualification and registration expenses for the politician and expenses re... Read More »