How to Keep Track of Accounts Receivable Templates?

Answer Like many businesses, yours may utilize several different invoice, statement and other accounts receivable templates. You want to make sure you send the correct invoice to the correct customer, so ... Read More »

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Any site we can keep track of all accounts we have in different social networking sites in that ONE website? is a social network and online media aggregator – you create a simple free account and Swimwire can put these all together, saving you time and effort telling people ... Read More »

How to Process Accounts Receivable?

Businesses have two areas of accounting they must maintain - accounts receivable and accounts payable. These two areas encompass exactly what their names imply. With one, you receive money for good... Read More »

How to Determine Net Accounts Receivable?

Accounts receivable is a concept used in accounting to indicate payments due to a business. When a business sells its product on credit, the customer is invoiced and then given a set time period (o... Read More »

A Job Description for an Accounts Receivable Position?

An accounts receivable specialist is someone handles billing and collections for a company. Accounts receivable specialists work for a variety of businesses and industries and are critical to the c... Read More »