How to Keep Text Only for a Lot of Pages on Microsoft Word?

Answer If you have a short document, deleting images and removing formatting manually to leave just the text may give you more control over your final document. However, if you have a large document, it m... Read More »

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How do I add pages in Microsoft Word?

Adding a Page Break with the KeyboardMove your cursor to the place in your document where you want a page break. Press the "Control Key" and the "Enter Key" simultaneously to create a page break us... Read More »

On microsoft word, how do you get rid of the blank pages at the end of a document?

Go to end of document before start of blank pages. Hold down the Ctrl button while depressing the Down Arrow button. This will quickly take you to physical end of document. Release both buttons and... Read More »

Can a Pages File Convert to Microsoft Word?

Documents created in Apple's Pages word processor can convert to Microsoft Word, but the conversion may not be exact. Pages offers more desktop publishing features than Microsoft Word, and the way ... Read More »

Microsoft Word 2007, how to number pages ?

Microsoft Word provides two ways to add page numbers. In either case, the page numbers appear in the header or footer at the top or bottom of the page.On the Insert menu, click Page Numbers. In the... Read More »