How to Keep Scalp Clean When Growing Dreads?

Answer Dreads, or dreadlocks, are thick coils of tangled, matted hair grown for the purpose of fashion and cultural tradition. They are often associated with Reggae music and the Rastafarian religion, tho... Read More »

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How to Prevent Dandruff When Growing Dreads?

Dreadlocked hair exudes subculture style while adapting to all settings. Deciding to dread your hair requires considerable thought and preplanning. The initial process is time consuming, and your h... Read More »

How to Maintain Your Dreads & Keep Them Smelling and Looking Clean?

There is a belief that dreadlocks are dirty, smelly and a result of individuals not washing their hair. However, it is completely possible to have clean, attractive dreadlocks. In the initial weeks... Read More »

How to Keep Men's Hair Trimmed When It Is Growing Out?

As hair grows out, split ends formed at the edges can create a frizzy, unhealthy look. Even with shorter men's hairstyles, regular trimming can help the hair grow out with a strong, healthy appeara... Read More »

How do I keep outdoor plants growing when it gets cold?

Recycled MaterialsPurchase heat-retaining plant material such as water walls to place around each plant. Save milk jugs, juice cartons, yogurt containers and clean with soap and water. Remove the l... Read More »