How to Keep Records for Cow Herds?

Answer Keeping records for cow herds is an important function, yet it is ignored or improperly executed by many producers. If done correctly, cattle records show profits and losses, non-producing cows and... Read More »

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How big are elk herds?

Animal Diversity Web reports that elks live in large herds of up to 400 members. During breeding season, the herd will loosely separate to breed and give birth. Winter herds include males and femal... Read More »

Air Force members are highly encouraged to work through their Records Management hierarchy to get answers to records management questions and concerns In the Air Force the Records Management hierarc?

Action Officer -> Records Custodian -> Air Force Records Officer -> Command or Agency Records Manager -> Base Records Manager -> Functional Area Records Manager -> Chief of Office of Record

Are all Tennessee government agencies required to comply with open records or public records?

In general, all government agencies in Tennessee must comply with the Open Records Act. However, there are exceptions. For instance, according to an opinion issued by Tennessee's Office of Open Rec... Read More »

The duties of the Air Force Records Officer include providing combatant commands with administrative and logistical support and advising OSD on records management?

Develop and issue policies governing life-cycle management of AF recordsDirect SAV and IG evaluationsIssue guidance on record authenticationPublish records disposition schedules