How to Keep Quilting Costs Low?

Answer In today's economic climate, starting a new hobby may seem like an expense that your budget just can't support. Between gas and groceries, becoming a quilter just doesn't seem like a wise financial... Read More »

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What is machine quilting?

Since the invention of the sewing machine home sewers have found that they can achieve good results by quilting their tops using a sewing machine. Modern quilters have taken this concept to a new l... Read More »

What do quilting measurements mean?

Not quite sure what you are asking about. Do you mean like what size of quilt your bed takes?or thread count?Or making one (seam allowances)Sorry, I guess I don't have an answer.....Didn't mean to ... Read More »

How to Know Quilting Terminology?

When you first start quilting, learning the terminology can be a bit tricky to begin with but quiltese or quiltish won't take you long to pick up! Here are some common terms that it helps to unders... Read More »

Quilting with Seersucker?

Quilting can be done with a wide variety of materials and fabrics. While not a common fabric used in quilting, seersucker is an option for quilters wishing to use up scrap fabric, add texture to th... Read More »