How to Keep Pigeons Out of My Yard?

Answer A few pigeons in your backyard will blend in with the other birds that visit your property. However, a large amount of pigeons in your yard pose a potentially harmful threat. The weight of the fece... Read More »

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Is there anything for the garden like what is seen on TV to keep pigeons and birds away by putting a Peregrine Falcon on the roof?

I know you can buy fake birds of prey from hardware or farm supply shops that will keep all sorts of birds least that is the theory and it can be successful. There are companies that prof... Read More »

How to keep my dog IN the yard?

if you dont want to get an electrical fence the only way is to dig a trench along the bottom of fence line and install a mesh or chicken fence 6-12" down so they cant dig out-or maybe even lay grav... Read More »

How to Keep Cats Out of Your Yard?

A cat will generally not harm plants by eating them, although there are exceptions. Cats in a yard or garden will dig up plants in a quest to get to the soil underneath. A cat will consider the gre... Read More »

How to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard?

Although they're pretty to look at, deer can be quite destructive and they definitely don't belong in your yard or garden. Indeed, they eat nearly anything except for the grass, so they're not even... Read More »