How to Keep Pests Away From Your Balcony?

Answer Sitting on a balcony to enjoy cool summer breezes or watching your children play on the lawn is one of the cherished pleasures of life. However, the good weather that lures us outside also brings w... Read More »

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How do I Keep Pests & Bugs Away From Compost Tins?

In our environmentally conscious world, getting rid of waste in a green manner has become more important. One of the best ways for homeowners to do this is to maintain a compost pile or bin. They'r... Read More »

How to keep spiders away from your tent?

To help prevent spider from making a web in your home, you will need to remove all the places where they might hide. Everyone should always remember to wear gloves and not to walk outside barefoot ... Read More »

How do you keep birds away from your yard?

A fake owl in a high place will work. You can put it on a pole or on the roof.

How to Keep Dingoes Away from Your Campsite?

Dingoes are native to Australia and while the purebreds are fast disappearing, those that are still in the wild deserve respect and distance. Dingoes don't usually present a threat to adult humans ... Read More »