How to Keep New Dreads Tight?

Answer Dreadlocks are a versatile hairstyle that fit just about any culture, gender, hair texture or age. Starting dreadlocks takes patience and elbow grease. Typically, hair is separated, backcombed then... Read More »

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How to Get Dreads Tight at the Roots?

Ongoing new hair growth means that dreadlocks are never completely locked. Periodic touch-ups to tighten roots will prevent your locks from appearing separated and fuzzy. At any given time, you may... Read More »

How to Keep Dreads Healthy?

This article will explain how to mantain healthy and clean dreadlocks at home, without spending lots of money and time.

How to Keep My Dreads From Falling Out?

Dreads are a hairstyle commonly identified with the practices of Jamaicans affiliated with the Rastafarian religion. Rastafarians are a Christian sect with an Afrocentric social and spiritual slant... Read More »

How to Keep Dreads From Fuzzing?

Keeping up beautiful, healthy dreadlocks can take a fair amount of work, compared to other hairstyles. Preventing dreads from fuzzing is one of the primary concerns for most people, whether they ha... Read More »