How to Keep My New Car Clean From My Children?

Answer There's nothing quite like the virgin cleanliness of a new car. Nor is there anything like the ability of children to create a mess. As a car owner, you want your car to remain spotless, but if you... Read More »

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Is it possible to keep my house clean and have 4 children under 4 too?

Get the 2,3,and 4yr. olds to help. They can more than you think! Get them to think it's a game. Say, "if you want something else out, put away what you have, first." If that doesn't work, get a m... Read More »

How to Keep Children from Waking up Too Early?

Do your kids wake up at 5 a.m. , and wake you up? Sick of this? Here's a way you can keep your child from waking up this early!

Can my wife keep my children away from me when we don't have a custody agreement?

Yes, she can. You would have to get a court order. Otherwise, you could try to reach an agreement where the children can come visit--best without coercion in terms of support and in response to her... Read More »

Have you ever taught your children to keep away from those person who can harm them?

Oh, for the love of...Violence against children is not increasing! You just hear about it more now. Information travels faster and more frequently now more than any time in our history. Back in the... Read More »