How to Keep My New Car Clean From My Children?

Answer There's nothing quite like the virgin cleanliness of a new car. Nor is there anything like the ability of children to create a mess. As a car owner, you want your car to remain spotless, but if you... Read More »

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How to Get Children to Clean?

Alright, it's almost a fact, but most children do not like cleaning, or doing chores. You probably don't either. But it is that they don't like cleaning, or the negative effect it gives off?

What is the best way to get children to clean their rooms?

My mom started a program where if things weren't put away at the end of the day, those items went into "Mom's Store" and if we wanted the item(s) back it cost 10 cents per item/piece... which meant... Read More »

Is it possible to keep my house clean and have 4 children under 4 too?

Get the 2,3,and 4yr. olds to help. They can more than you think! Get them to think it's a game. Say, "if you want something else out, put away what you have, first." If that doesn't work, get a m... Read More »

How to Get Your Children to Clean Their Room?

Children's rooms - the place where your feet are met with toy cars, plastic army men, Lego's, and those sharp tiaras that always manage to poke up between your toes. Holding your language, at such ... Read More »