How to Keep My Horse From Eating Grass on Trails?

Answer Many horses love to snatch mouthfuls of grass while trail riding, and in some cases the grass is tempting enough to make a horse stop completely to eat, ignoring the rider's cues. This behavior is ... Read More »

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I Really want to try eating cat meat, I Like Beef and Goat, Horse, Chicken, I dont see whats wrong with eating?

Apart from societal taboos it may not be the best thing health-wise to eat "cat" meat. Such meat should be considered as game because a cat can and does eat all kinds of things that it can catch ou... Read More »

Why is my dog cowering&eating grass?

While a pet owner may find it odd to see her dog eating grass, there are many natural, healthy reasons he may start nibbling in the yard. Cowering may be a sign of something more serious.Function o... Read More »

Can you live off eating grass?

Yes you can, for a short period of time. The grass has glucose, and liquids inside of it, probably really little, but it still has. If oyu have a lot of grass, and can somehow extract/consume the g... Read More »

How to Draw a Cow Eating Grass?

Drawing and sketching shapes and figures helps develop and improve hand and eye coordination, as well as your art skills. One simple sketch to create is a cow eating grass. Basic cow drawings can b... Read More »