How to Keep My Google Facebook Account & Delete My Yahoo Facebook Account?

Answer Facebook's social networking website relies on a connection with one of the user's email addresses in order to receive notifications about activity on the user's profile and as a username for loggi... Read More »

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Can you delete a facebook account permanently and open another account using the same email address?

Technically, yes. Because no personal data of yours should remain saved.

I want to unsubscribe my yahoo account from facebook because my yahoo account has been hacked?

First,You log into facebook account and Click Settings icon on the top right corner of your facebook account.Then select 'Account Settings'.Then select Apps tab from left side listed.If there,Yahoo... Read More »

How do i disconnect my facebook account from my yahoo account?

Sorry I don't know how, but I'll be checking back here for the answer. I try to keep both accounts completely separate, but somehow I get notices from Facebook that I don't want. So if I'm getting ... Read More »

How do I delete yahoo off my google account?

I'm having the exact same problem! I don't have a full Yahoo account, just Yahoo Answers, so I'm trying to figure out how to delete the Yahoo answers using my Google account. I'll let you know if I... Read More »