How to Keep Moths From Eating Clothes?

Answer Moths can do a lot of damage to clothes. They will eat holes right through the fabric. Mothballs are one way of keeping moths away, but mothballs smell bad and are toxic. There are some better smel... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Moths in the House & Clothes?

Moths can cause a great deal of damage to food and clothes if they find their way into your cupboards or closets. The larvae will eat through your clothes, especially wool clothes, as well as eat f... Read More »

Essential Oil to Keep Moths Away From Clothes?

To prevent moths from invading your closet and damaging your clothes, make your own homemade moth repellent. Store-bought mothballs work as a repellent, but they contain unhealthy chemicals. Naphth... Read More »

Do clothes moths eat cotton?

Clothes moths do not eat cotton. These types of moths can feed on wool or fur. Exposing clothes moths to extreme cold or hot temperatures most often will kill them.References:Colorado State Univers... Read More »

How do I get rid of moths?

Make your self a net and catch them. Take them outside and release them. Turn just one light on and have the net close by. When one flies near the light up comes the net and then very quickly pl... Read More »