How to Keep Moisture Out When Auto Painting?

Answer Putting down a nice paint job on that project car you've been working on is hard enough without having the aggravation of air line contaminants ruining it. Preventing moisture and oil from contamin... Read More »

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How to Keep Water Out of the Paint Gun When Auto Painting?

Air is heated when compressed. Because of this heating, water present in the air condenses as the compressed air cools. This can be a problem when using a paint gun. As the water accumulates, it go... Read More »

When would you use a moisture barrier or not use moisture barrier laying concrete slab?

It may not matter too much in a small shed but the plastic (usually 6 mil) will keep the moisture from migrating from the soil up through the concrete and into the building.

How to Keep Moisture in an Incubator?

Humidity is almost as important as heat for hatching eggs. The level of humidity needed depends on the species. Chicken eggs, for example, need a relative humidity of 50 percent with an increase to... Read More »

How to Keep the Moisture in a Brisket?

A beef brisket, while mighty tasty, presents a challenge to many cooks because it tends to dry out if you do not prepare it properly. A beef brisket contains a fair amount of connective tissues tha... Read More »