How to Keep Moisture From a Hardwood Floor?

Answer Wood is naturally absorbent, which can cause all kinds of trouble when you're dealing with a wood floor. Hardwood floors are sealed in gloss (usually varnish or polyurethane) in part to protect the... Read More »

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How do I keep a bed from sliding on a hardwood floor?

According to the Lifehacker website, an inexpensive way to prevent sliding is to use party balloons. You will need two rubber balloons per bed-frame foot. Using a pair of sharp scissors, hold the d... Read More »

How do I remove splatters of white paint from a hardwood floor wthout damaging the floor.?

If mineral spirits doesn't do it, then take a butter knife or flathead screw driver,put a cloth over the end and gently rub the spots off.The cloth will help protect the floor

Can you install a new hardwood floor over existing hardwood floor?

How to Clean a Hardwood Floor Discolored From a Rug?

Many homeowners take great pride in the condition of their home, particularly areas like hardwood floors. No matter how careful you are with your hardwood floors, however, damage may be inevitable.... Read More »