How to Keep Ice From Sticking to Car Windows?

Answer If ice is left on a car windshield, it can become hard to remove. It is best to prepare your windshield so that the ice does not stick to it in the first place. You can purchase a product such as R... Read More »

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How to Keep My Eyeliner From Sticking?

Eyeliner, if not applied correctly, can end up sticking to the crease of your eyelid and result in unattractive smudges. To keep your eyeliner looking good all day, it is best to start with an eyes... Read More »

How to Keep Zippers From Sticking?

Sticky zippers can keep you from closing a suitcase, zipping up a coat on a cold day or wearing your favorite clothing items. Knowing how to keep a zipper from sticking is beneficial for many situa... Read More »

How to Keep Eyelashes From Sticking?

Using mascara can sometimes make eyelashes clump, creating less-than-desirable "spider lashes". Fortunately, lashes can be separated quite easily, although it make take some time to find a solution... Read More »

How to Keep Eyeliners From Sticking in the Crease?

There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror a few hours after you apply eyeliner only to find that it is in the crease of your eyelid. Women who do not prepare the eye area correctly before a... Read More »