How to Keep Humidity in the Incubator?

Answer The humidity in an incubator is read from a hygrometer, which consists of two thermometers. One of these contains a wick, which needs to be kept wet. The "wet-bulb" reading, together with that from... Read More »

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How to Increase the Humidity Level in a GQF Incubator?

Developing embryos need certain amounts of humidity to properly develop. The GQF Incubator can produce an environment with different levels of humidity. Using a hygrometer to determine humidity w... Read More »

How much humidity do turkey eggs need to hatch in an incubator?

In an incubator, 60 to 62 percent humidity is ideal for turkey eggs while they are setting. During hatching, the humidity may be raised to 70 to 77 percent. Extra moisture trays can be added to the... Read More »

What does an incubator do?

Answer It keeps conditions ideal to support life, whether it's chicken eggs or human infants. Answer The word incubation (from the Latin incubare, "to lie upon") can mean the following: * In che... Read More »

How to Buy an Egg Incubator?

An egg incubator is used to care for and hatch eggs of any kind, such as chicken eggs, duck eggs or reptile eggs. They are used by hobbyists who wish to harvest their own eggs as well as commercial... Read More »