How to Keep Hands Hydrated in a Dry Climate?

Answer Arid climates can wreak havoc on your skin from head to toe, but especially your hands. Frequent washing--though important to keep germs off--robs your skin of its natural moisture, making hands so... Read More »

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How to Keep Hydrated Without Over Doing It?

It does not matter if you are playing sports, going for a walk, jogging, running, or taking a bike ride! Keeping fluids in your body is the key to hydration. But you wouldn't want to over do it and... Read More »

How to Keep a Child Hydrated During Sporting Events?

Rehydrating after the eventAdolescents and children sweat more than we realize, and as a result they lose a significant amount of body fluid, which contains sodium and potassium. This fluid needs t... Read More »

Is drinking lots of tea or coffee good enough to keep me hydrated?

Drink coffee or tea when ever you want however keep enough water in your system to help with very thing. It's not bad though.

How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Hair Non-static While Flying?

Flying on airplanes can dry your skin out and cause your hair to have some static-induced lift-off of its own. Staying hydrated and static-free while in the air is not as easy as it is on land, but... Read More »