How to Keep Flies Off Cattle?

Answer It is important to keep flies away from cattle because they pose a potential health threat to the animals. Some flies feed off cattle blood, and take up to 20 feedings a day with their sharp needle... Read More »

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How to Keep Flies Out of the Barn?

Flies are more than just buzzing pests. Flies in barns and around farms can disturb livestock by spreading disease and biting the flesh of animals. While it's not ecologically sound to attempt to a... Read More »

How to Keep Flies out of an Indoor Pet Cage?

If you have a furry or feathered friend in a cage, you might notice that when the weather warms up, flies like to take residence there, too. Sometimes they'll even lay eggs, which turn into maggots... Read More »

How do I keep flies off of vinyl siding?

Purchase or obtain a long enough garden hose that can water all of the vinyl siding on the house. Place a pressure water sprayer on the end that is not fastened to the water spout. Turn on the wate... Read More »

What to Put on the Yard to Keep Away the Flies?

Flies in your yard can be more than just an annoyance. Some types of flies bite, and some carry bacteria and disease such as Staph and Strep. Controlling flies in your yard is important for the hea... Read More »