How to Keep Flannel Moth Caterpillars Off Your House?

Answer The flannel moth caterpillar is the larvae life stage of an adult flannel moth. The caterpillars have a soft, fuzzy appearance that give it the flannel name. The fur-like hairs serve to hide sharp ... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Flannel Moth Caterpillars?

Flannel moth caterpillars are fuzzy 1-inch-long creatures. Although flannel moth caterpillars look harmless, they have poison glands all over their bodies. When a person comes in contact with the h... Read More »

How can you keep caterpillars out of your pool?

You spray the chlorine gas engine and then scoop up the caterpillars with a pool cleaner net.Answer 2You could put something they can't climb up around your pool, but low enough so you can get in.

How to Keep Wild Caterpillars As Pets?

Caterpillars are fun pets to keep, and easily caught. they make great classroom pets, as they show responsibility, and change into butterflies or moths.

How do you keep giant house spiders out of your house?

This isn't so much an answer, but I also have this issue and live in the Olympia, Washington area. Just today I had to remove a DVD sized spider from my home, someone please share your insights.