How to Keep Dried Baby's Breath White?

Answer Baby's breath is a delicate flower that's often used in bouquets, corsages and other types of floral arrangements. The flower comes in white, pink and rose varieties. White baby's breath is often u... Read More »

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Can herb plants that got white flies still be dried and used?

Sara, mix a few drops of dish detergent in some room temperature water. take the whole plant, pot and all and tip it upside down with your hand around the stem ate the dirt and lower it into the so... Read More »

What are those nasty white things that be in your mouth and they make your breath stink?

These things are called tonsilloliths ("tonsil stones.") You have described them perfectly. They are typically white, or whitish-yellow, irregularly-shaped, foul-smelling, and usually smaller than ... Read More »

Why do dried fruits&dried beans swell when they are cooked?

Dried beans and dried fruits have been heated or left in the sun to desiccate them. When you reconstitute them by cooking them or just soaking them in water, they swell up because their cells are a... Read More »

What can help cover alcohol on ur breath (my gf hates smelling it on my breath is there anything i could do so?