How to Keep Dirt and Grease From Getting Stuck Under Fingernails?

Answer If you're working on your car, tending to your garden or doing any other dirty activity that involves getting your digits in some serious muck, pre-treat your fingernails. When you get lots of grea... Read More »

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What is the best way to remove dirt from under fingernails and toenails?

I'm blind and while driving, is there a way to keep my cane from getting stuck in passing car's radiators?

Aren't you making a hobbit of asking stupid questions?

How to Keep From Getting Black Makeup Under Eyes?

Dark eye makeup, especially the smoky eye look, is very popular. Getting that look can be frustrating, though, because powdered eye shadow tends to fall under the eyes and dark mascara runs and end... Read More »

How to Get Dirt Out From Underneath a New Baby's Fingernails?

It is amazing how much dirt can get underneath the fingernails of a newborn. Simple hand-to-mouth gestures are not only soothing for the baby, but also serve as a dust magnet for flying dust partic... Read More »