How to Keep Deer From Eating Corn Plants?

Answer The sweetness of corn is difficult for deer to resist; they often help themselves to any corn crop they see. Deer can quickly destroy a corn field; deterring deer from the corn can be a challenge b... Read More »

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How do I stop a deer from eating tomato plants?

PlantsGrow plants that deer don't like to prevent them from grazing in your garden. Surround your tomato plants or your entire vegetable garden with flowers such as poppies, marigolds, black-eyed S... Read More »

How do I keep deer from coming into my yard and eating my plants?

I'm certain it is a nusiance and the best way to prevent it is too plant things they don't like. In the meantime be grateful that your garden and your generosity was needed to keep them alive. At... Read More »

How to Prevent Larks From Eating Corn Plants?

While larks help eat insect pests and many birds with "lark" in their names have lovely songs, these positive attributes may fail to outweigh the damage done from feeding on your crops. Birds can c... Read More »

How to Stop Deer from Eating Your Plants and Trees with Soap?

In many places, people have a deer problem. You plant new trees and expensive decorative plants only to have them destroyed by roaming deers looking for a tasty snack. Deer are attracted to a wide ... Read More »