How to Keep Content From Overlapping Over the Footer?

Answer As many word processing documents are carefully edited and prepared to ensure that a certain look and feel is achieved, it is important that the word processing program used to edit the document be... Read More »

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How to prevent div sidebar from overlapping content?

See the guide here:…

How do I keep the footer only on the last page in a Word document?

Place your cursor at the end of the second-to-last last page. Click "Insert" and select "Break" (in Word 2003) or go to the"Page Layout" tab and click "Breaks" under the "Page Setup" group (in Word... Read More »

Thinking of buying a 35mm camera from a pawn shop, any way to keep from driving all over town?

Pawn shops can be hit or miss. They won't guarantee their items to work...and they probably won't have someone who knows enough about 35mm cameras working there.I'd go to a camera shop that sells ... Read More »

How to Keep Flies from Taking over You and Your Dogs Backyard?

In a hurry or just lazy, if you don't pick up your dog waste as soon as it leaves his or her butt, flies come in seconds. They lay eggs and those eggs hatch quickly. Soon you hate your back yard an... Read More »