How to Keep Concrete Forms Straight?

Answer The key to a perfect concrete patio, sidewalk or driveway is a straight form. A concrete structure can cure crooked even if the concrete forms are straight before pouring the concrete. This happens... Read More »

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How do I build forms for concrete?

Mark the Outline of the ConcreteLevel and flatten the ground in the area you are working on as much as possible, and mark the exact outline of the concrete shape you want on the ground. Take note o... Read More »

DIY Forms for Concrete Steps?

When installing steps by an exterior door, many people choose to build the steps with concrete. Concrete is more durable than wood, and concrete steps can last for decades if you build and maintain... Read More »

Can I use plywood forms for concrete walls?

Plywood forms can be used when constructing concrete retaining walls. Check with local code enforcement officials for local rules regarding specifications. The plywood should have proper support br... Read More »

When can i remove forms after pouring concrete?

On One Hand: Some people remove concrete forms in 24 hoursMany construction crews pour concrete one day and remove the concrete forms the next. These people are trained to know when concrete is dry... Read More »