How to Keep Colors From Bleeding & Fading in the Wash?

Answer Fading and bleeding of dyes in the wash can ruin your clothes and your day. Take steps to prevent fading by sorting laundry by color, keeping your blue jeans far away from your white T-shirts and s... Read More »

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How to prevent colors from blending and fading the first time I wash my tie dye shirt?

Well usually before i tie dye my shorts i soak it in soda ash that prevents bleeding,also try soaking the the shirts in salt water or vinegar, that MIGHT help.. But because i don't know what dye wa... Read More »

How to Prevent Jeans from Fading in the Wash?

Blue and black jeans tend to fade in the washing machine. The water and soap erodes the dye and discolors them. Jeans will fade regardless, but washing them regularly speeds up the process. Use the... Read More »

How to Keep Hair Dye From Fading?

Dyeing your hair is an easy and inexpensive way to change your look. Whether you visit a salon or color your hair at home, you want it to last as long as possible. Does this Spark a... Read More »

How to keep eyeliner from fading?

You can get a waterproof eyeliner. Also, set it with black eyeshadow. I used to do this and my eyeliner stayed on so much better. :)