How to Keep Bugs Out of Garbage?

Answer There's no doubt about it: bugs love garbage. Specifically, they love your garbage and often seem to wait for an opportunity to invade your home and investigate the food scraps you and your family ... Read More »

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I have Boxelder bugs in my house and I keep killing themand they just keep coming back. HELP!!!!!?

The ducts would be too far from their natural food source which is box elder trees or maples or oaks. You just got that many into your building. In the warm spring they will blow your pad wit... Read More »

How can I keep a bear out of my garbage can?

Bears are astonishingly strong; locking covers on average trash cans will be pointless, as they just rip those apart in a heartbeat.Heavy steel, dumpster grade, bear-proof lids (fitted so claws can... Read More »

How do I keep crows out of the garbage bags?

Barriers and Scare TacticsContain refuse in trash cans or bins for the most effective barrier between hungry crows and your garbage. If enclosing your garbage bags in a bird-proof container is not ... Read More »

Is it safe to keep a garbage container in a garage?

On One Hand: Garbage SmellsGarbage smells, but keeping garbage in a garage keeps the home free of odor and insects. Placing the garbage in an enclosed garage for a short period of time until garbag... Read More »