How to Keep Bugs Off Your Car Front Window?

Answer When a bug splatters on your windshield, leaving blood and grime behind, it can be hard to remove. Streaks can interfere with your visibility while driving, which is an important safety issue. Ther... Read More »

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Window gets too hot from the sun what can I put I front of the window to reduce heat produced?

You need to shade the window with something like a shade sail if you can't use a shade sail. The direct sun is not only heat up the window but also the brick work around it which then radiates int... Read More »

What Can I Use to Remove Bugs From Car Window?

When you drive, you often feel the occasional bug hit your windows, its just unavoidable. Cleaning those bugs is not a pleasant task but at least there are remedies out there to help you do the job... Read More »

How Do I Get Dead Bugs Off the Front of a Car?

W-D 40 MethodSpray WD-40 on the bug stains. Let this penetrating oil sit for about 10 minutes. Rub it off with a clean cloth.Wash Your CarFill a bucket with warm, soapy water. Dip a clean cloth int... Read More »

How to Keep Bugs out of Your Front Door?

Few things ruin a pleasant afternoon relaxing at home like the angry buzzing of invading insects. Bugs often sneak in through open doors as they look for a quick meal and become trapped inside once... Read More »