How to Keep Barn Hoses From Freezing?

Answer Winter preparation is key for any property owner, not only for around your home, but also for any other structures and items on your property. When it comes to barns, there's a lot of material that... Read More »

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How to Keep Barn Swallows Out of the Barn?

Though they may be beautiful there are many reasons why you should keep swallows out of your barn. In addition to leaving unsightly droppings all over the place, barn swallows can also carry diseas... Read More »

How to Keep My Car From Freezing?

Preventing your car from freezing in the winter months is essential if you live in an area with freezing temperatures. The biggest misconception is that antifreeze alone will not freeze. Manufactur... Read More »

Does quick-freezing keep foods fresher than standard freezing?

In a way that is true in that the IQF process allows fresher foods to be frozen. These foods may be raw, cooked, or par-cooked then frozen. In each case less corruption of the product is seen and t... Read More »

How to Keep Your Car Battery From Freezing?

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your car battery, especially if it is old or has a tendency to lose its charge. If you have such a battery, you're presented with the distinct possibility of very un... Read More »