How to Keep Animals From Eating Sunflowers?

Answer Sunflowers are known for their large sizes, bright blooms and delicious seeds. They will grow in both full sun and partial shade, and will reach heights of over 20 feet. Unfortunately, the seeds fo... Read More »

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How to Keep Animals From Eating Arborvitaes?

The tender foliage of arborvitae trees proves tempting to many animals, including deer, moose and rabbits. This is especially true in areas with a shortage of wild plants that the animals normally ... Read More »

Do dogs keep rabbits and other animals from eating a garden?

Most animals that will invade your garden will do it at night. Its likely they just haven't found your garden yet, or they have found plenty to eat elsewhere. Id keep a close eye on the garden. A f... Read More »

What Can You Put in a Koi Pond to Deter Animals From Eating the Fish?

Koi are Japanese carp that bred for their beautiful colors. Koi ponds add a tranquil and beautiful ornament to home gardens and business landscapes. Although humans do not raise koi for food, koi... Read More »

Economics Not eating meat does not stop animals from dying?

It will be a mere blip on the industry, barely noticible when you look at the production numbers.The price has made the biggest impact on the industry as the buyers are buying lesser cuts than the ... Read More »