How to Join the Sacred XIII?

Answer Hello and welcome to how to join the sacred XIII. Below will be steps on how to enrol/join this cult/clan with as much ease as possible. Below, there will also be a small overview of what they do a... Read More »

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Are there articles about this during the Apollo XIII debacle two reporters were allowed into communications and control rooms to hear the uncensored communications from NASA to Apollo XIII?

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Why is Dionysus sacred items sacred?

My friend put his in rice and that seemed to dry out all of the moisture.

How to Put Together Your Own Organization XIII?

You want to get your own Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts? Here's how to.

How to Beat the Reaper in "FF XIII"?

The Reaper, or Midlight Reaper, is a level 56 boss in "Final Fantasy XIII" that characters Sazh and Vanille have to fight. The Reaper does a good amount of damage and has high armor, but his weakne... Read More »