How to Join the Military to Pay for Pharmacy School?

Answer The United States Army offers many different types of full academic scholarships that are available to students who wish to join the Army to help pay for their college education. Although joining t... Read More »

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Do I need a high school diploma to join military?

Technically the answer is that you don't, strictly speaking, need one. However, they don't take all that many people without one; you'll need to be pretty stellar otherwise in order to get in.

Can you join the military if you are a minor and have dropped out of high school?

Most, if not all, the branches require you to be a graduate or have a GED. As for the underage, you have to be emancipated or a parent/legal gardian must sign to authorize. I was one week shy of 18... Read More »

Can you join any branch of the US military without a high school diploma and without a GED?

No, there are no US Military forces that accept non-graduates or those who do not have a GED.

Can a 17 year old join the military without a High School Diploma or GED?

You may join any branch of the military at 17 with a parents signature and a highschool diploma/GED. However, You may not join the Marines, Navy, or Airforce without a highschool diploma or GED, bu... Read More »