How to: Invite Only a List to Events on Facebook?

Answer Facebook lets you create events with concise titles, date and time settings and extended descriptions. You can invite your friends by searching for them by name when creating the event, but if you ... Read More »

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If I make my party invite only on Facebook can the police still find out?

so? when did partying in the states become illegal?

Facepunch is invite only?

its especially frustrating when you OWN Garry's Mod and you cant even get an invite code. good luck getting one as I still havent been able to find a way to.

How to Delete an Invite from the Gmail Chat List?

Google's online email service, Gmail, contains a list of chat invitations that occur when a contact has been invited to a chat with you. These chat invitations may sit unanswered for an indefinite ... Read More »

How to Stop a Facebook Friend Invite?

Have you accidentally sent a friend invite on Facebook? For whatever reasons, you might be regretting it, and you'd like to take back the invite before they see it. Here's how.