How to Invest in High Dividend Stocks?

Answer While long-term growth of capital is a price consideration for stock market investors, current income can be important as well. A steady stream of dividend income can soften the blow of a market do... Read More »

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How to Invest in Dividend Stocks?

If you have a long-term investment horizon of at least ten years, your best investment is not mutual funds, ETFs, growth stocks, bonds, or gold, but a diversified portfolio of high quality dividend... Read More »

What are high yield dividend stocks?

A dividend is a payment from a company to shareholders, akin to a profit distribution. According to Investopedia, a dividend yield is a calculation showing how much is paid out as a function of the... Read More »

Does high dividend yield predict lower dividend growth?

On One Hand: High yield generally indicates low growthYes, a high dividend yield generally indicates low dividend growth, according to John P. Hussman of Hussman Funds. A dividend yield compares th... Read More »

How to Trade Dividend-Paying Stocks?

While many investors look to the stock market for long-term growth of capital, the market also provides some opportunities for short-term gains and steady cash flow. One of the best ways to get a s... Read More »